Entrepreneurship is Key to Improving Education

We believe an entrepreneurial mindest is the most powerful force to improve education outcomes, prepare people for a rapidly changing world and empower them to play a role in shaping the future.

Education Entrepreneurship Should Be Collaborative

We believe collaboration between educators, students, developers, designers and business professionals will result in high-impact education solutions.

Education Entrepreneurs is the Catalyst for Innovation

We believe the unique experiential learning opportunities that Education Entrepreneurs provides have a catalytic effect, empowering people to think differently and create better solutions to education’s biggest problems.

About Education Entrepreneurs

We are a global and diverse community, specifically focused on leveraging entrepreneurship to improve education outcomes. Recognizing that education entrepreneurs face unique problems that require unique solutions, we've created a suite of programs that help people launch and scale education ventures, no matter where they are in their entrepreneurial journey. Centering on Startup Weekend Education, a 54-hour experiential learning event, education entrepreneurs can now take advantage of education-specific reading lists, bootcamps, and a global network of Community Leaders who are eager to help.

Startup Weekend Education

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Education Reading List

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Education Entrepreneurs' Leadership Team

  • leader
    Mandela Schumacher-Hodge
    Director of Education Entrepreneurs
  • leader
    John Baldo
    Program Manager of Education Entrepreneurs
  • leader
    Chris Chang
    Regional Manager West USA
  • leader
    Adam Haun
    Regional Manager
    Midwest USA
  • leader
    Andrés Hernandez
    Regional Manager
  • leader
    André Hotta
    Regional Manager Brazil
  • leader
    Jose Iglesias
    Regional Manager
    Western Europe
  • leader
    Ari Kern
    Regional Manager
    Southeast USA
  • leader
    Brett Nakatsu
    Regional Manager
    Middle East and Africa
  • leader
    Sheikh Shuvo
    Regional Manager
    Asia Pacific
  • leader
    Victoria Stoyanova
    Regional Manager
    Eastern Europe
  • leader
    Seijen Takamura
    Regional Manager
    Northeast USA

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