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Startup Weekend Education

Startup Weekend Education gives you the unique opportunity to show people in your community how to launch a startup in just one weekend. Coming together on Friday night to pitch ideas, participants from a variety of fields (e.g. educators, students, developers, designers) quickly form teams and spend the next 54 hours working together to build innovative solutions to important education problems.
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Workshops help you teach key education entrepreneurship skills to your community. We provide you with all the materials, so you’re well equipped to create a valuable experience. You can either host a workshop 1-3 weeks before a Startup Weekend Education event, or as a stand-alone event any time during the year. Workshops are typically run on weeknights and last only 2 hours.
Topics currently include:
  • Business Models in Education
  • Customer Discovery and Empathy in Education

How Can I Become An Organizer?

Step 1 - Attend

All Startup Weekend Education Organizers must participate in a Startup Weekend event (does not to be education themed). Startup Weekend Education requires the most preparation and resources to organize, and it’s important that you’re clear on what you’re doing and why. Those interested in organizing a Workshop are not required to attend a similar event before applying, but should be prepared to discuss their qualifications.

Step 2 - Read

While we’re not a rule-oriented Organization, in order to maintain a high level of quality, consistency and to ensure that every event provides maximum value to its participants, there are some basic rules and requirements we require all Organizers and Events to abide by. Before submitting an application to organize a Startup Weekend Education, you must carefully read these Rules. For rules related to Workshops, please email [email protected]

Step 3 - Apply

When you’re ready, fill out the Event Application. Please answer each field to the best of your ability, as your answers will in large part determine whether or not your Application is accepted. Once completed, your Regional Manager will be in touch.

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Startup Weekend Education


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